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Rodello's Machine

by Rodello's Machine

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The debut self-titled album of Rodello's Machine is a wealth spring of inspired songwriting. Stemming from the influences of Wilco, Animal Collective, Mumford and Sons, and the Fleet Foxes the six tracks embody an intricate production while harnessing a full bodied acoustic sound. From "Beauty of Your Life" to "Rock Under My Feet", the debut album of Rodello's Machine touches on a dynamic spectrum of musical talent.

Written and arranged by Nate Donnis and Kolby Knickerbocker.
Produced by: Kolby Knickerbocker and Brian Karscig.
Recorded at: White Horse Studios in San Diego, CA

The Band
Nate Donnis (Guitar, Lead vocals, backup vocals)
Kolby Knickerbocker (Guitar, back up vocals, lead vocals, Bass, Percussion, and Keys)

Additional Musicians
Brian Karscig: Bass, Percussion, Piano
Marta Zulodova: Strings
Melissa Barrison: Strings
Mark Maagard: Drums

Album Art
Ashley Young

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  1. 1 Rock Under My Feet 04:14
  2. 2 Free Lila 03:08
  3. 3 Beauty of Your Life 02:47
  4. 4 Three Weeks to Go 03:37
  5. 5 Pause 04:12
  6. 6 Sails 03:39


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